Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Burg'

"The Burg" is a group of amazing people from my gym that has grown into a support system over the years. All of us have different fitness goals and passions and ages ranging from 26 to 65+. We all inspire each other to be the best we can be and to live healthy and fit lives. This group name really formed when we all signed up for The Rugged Maniac race this upcoming May 5th. Lynn, who works with me at the gym and teaches everything from spin to in-gym bootcamps, has set up a bi-monthy training course for everyone to prepare for this race (in addition to her regular classes that the majority of the group go to as a part of their routine). The training course is held at a local high school and consists of everything from hanging pullups, full on sprints, flipping tires and crawling on the ground. It is just awesome. Lynn is a body builder and has selflessly volunteered herself to be our coach and fearless leader by giving us advice and encouragement and coming up with amazing classes to keep things fresh and our bodies guessing. We all stay in touch through the classes at the gym and on Facebook. I could not ask for a better group of people to be around. Period.

In my post yesterday, I proudly displayed some battle scars from this past weekends training and I figured I could share some pictures of the pain fun we all had!

The whole group! Rear Row from Left to Right: Greg, Shay, Me, Jamel, Kevin, Melinda, Tony and Tracy. Front Row from Left to Right: Robin, Lynn and Kristin. * This is not the whole team. Just the ones who made it out this past weekend*



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It is super fun! We have a good time. Thanks for the comment and I love your blog!