Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Did yall forget about ME??

Hey everyone! Geez. Mom is always coming and going, I never get to steal her laptop to let you know what is going on in MY world. That is all that matters anyway.

The past few months have been very exciting and just crazy! I will tell you, I was not too crazy on this whole "new house" business though. They keep bringing me by there and there is always loud equipment and tools going on I can't hear where my tennis ball drops. Let's get our priorities straight here people! Because of the noisy things going on, I have been leery of even going INSIDE this new monster that has taken up my precious space to run and eat sticks. Dont't get me wrong, I am excited to be trying something new because I am always up for anything. BUT when I finally did get forced inside...there was MORE tools! and MORE noise! Nu-uh! No way. Ill hang outside thank you very much. I will catch yall on the flip side. Well Mom and Dad didnt like my attitude very much and I kept being called a "little girl" and "pansy boy" so I figured I had to man up. The next time we went by there was with our awesome friends, Matt and Kristin. They had their kids Vanessah and Wesley with them too! I LOVE KIDS! They went inside so of course i had to go inside too. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! NO TOOLS! NO WIRES! NO NOISE! There was even CARPET down! I was so excited I ran allll over the house and was ready to play. So, maybe i will give this new place a chance. Maybe.

One good thing about the new house? MUD EVERYWHERE. It is just great.

Other than our house getting finished up, outside is getting a little warmer too! WAHOO! DO you even REALIZE what this MEANS?!?!?! SWIMMING. My favorite thing ever. For Mom and Dads anniversary, I took them down to the marina to grill out and have them throw me a tennis ball in the water. I mean, wouldnt you want that for a night out? How can you NOT? So all was going super great! Mom was throwing the ball and i was just running back and forth...back and forth...back and forth....ahhhh. heaven. They eventually sat down to eat and i layed in the sand and just sucked it alll in. Summertime was meant for dogs, really. I dont know what these people get so excited about. We are ready all year long for summer because...well...think about it. We are naked ALL the time. Just waiting. haha.

Wet and covered in sand! Just how I like it! Now...throw the ball MOM!!

Well as always, Mom and Dad were party poopers and told me we had to head home. As I jumped in the truck, Mom flipped out! (As always....she is just crazy like that. Dad and I ignore her most of the time. She deals with it because she is outnumbered by us men) Oh yeah..why was she flipping out? Well I forgot to tell her that when I was running back and forth into the water, I cut myself a few times with seashells and a nail I think thats what its called. SO i was bleeding everywhere. Now. You need to do this ASAP. I will tell you a secret. If you cut your toes and just sit there and let them clean your feet and wrap them get a piece of leftover hamburger. I KNOW!! DUH!! Geez they just have no idea!!!! I hit a gold mine.

If you lay there really still and favor your will get nothing but love and kisses. Just trust me on this.

BUT no need to worry...Im all better now. Up and running around like nothing happened. I honestly dont see why they made a big deal.

I did milk the attention for all it was worth...who wouldn't??? The belly rubs are SOOOO worth it.

SO that is it for now! I think Mom is gonna write a little something up about me being in the wedding next time WHICH i was promised a whole new box of tennis balls if I behaved myself. So we will see how that goes. HAHA!