Thursday, July 7, 2011


WOW. I have neglected this blog. I could go into details on why (wedding, getting jilted on our honeymoon, NOT moving into our house yet, packing STILL, and other fun things that life has thrown our way) but because I have vowed to not be so negative I won't do that. What I will do is share my amazing and blessed life lately according to my iphone:

life is pretty freaking fantastic....


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Did yall forget about ME??

Hey everyone! Geez. Mom is always coming and going, I never get to steal her laptop to let you know what is going on in MY world. That is all that matters anyway.

The past few months have been very exciting and just crazy! I will tell you, I was not too crazy on this whole "new house" business though. They keep bringing me by there and there is always loud equipment and tools going on I can't hear where my tennis ball drops. Let's get our priorities straight here people! Because of the noisy things going on, I have been leery of even going INSIDE this new monster that has taken up my precious space to run and eat sticks. Dont't get me wrong, I am excited to be trying something new because I am always up for anything. BUT when I finally did get forced inside...there was MORE tools! and MORE noise! Nu-uh! No way. Ill hang outside thank you very much. I will catch yall on the flip side. Well Mom and Dad didnt like my attitude very much and I kept being called a "little girl" and "pansy boy" so I figured I had to man up. The next time we went by there was with our awesome friends, Matt and Kristin. They had their kids Vanessah and Wesley with them too! I LOVE KIDS! They went inside so of course i had to go inside too. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! NO TOOLS! NO WIRES! NO NOISE! There was even CARPET down! I was so excited I ran allll over the house and was ready to play. So, maybe i will give this new place a chance. Maybe.

One good thing about the new house? MUD EVERYWHERE. It is just great.

Other than our house getting finished up, outside is getting a little warmer too! WAHOO! DO you even REALIZE what this MEANS?!?!?! SWIMMING. My favorite thing ever. For Mom and Dads anniversary, I took them down to the marina to grill out and have them throw me a tennis ball in the water. I mean, wouldnt you want that for a night out? How can you NOT? So all was going super great! Mom was throwing the ball and i was just running back and forth...back and forth...back and forth....ahhhh. heaven. They eventually sat down to eat and i layed in the sand and just sucked it alll in. Summertime was meant for dogs, really. I dont know what these people get so excited about. We are ready all year long for summer because...well...think about it. We are naked ALL the time. Just waiting. haha.

Wet and covered in sand! Just how I like it! Now...throw the ball MOM!!

Well as always, Mom and Dad were party poopers and told me we had to head home. As I jumped in the truck, Mom flipped out! (As always....she is just crazy like that. Dad and I ignore her most of the time. She deals with it because she is outnumbered by us men) Oh yeah..why was she flipping out? Well I forgot to tell her that when I was running back and forth into the water, I cut myself a few times with seashells and a nail I think thats what its called. SO i was bleeding everywhere. Now. You need to do this ASAP. I will tell you a secret. If you cut your toes and just sit there and let them clean your feet and wrap them get a piece of leftover hamburger. I KNOW!! DUH!! Geez they just have no idea!!!! I hit a gold mine.

If you lay there really still and favor your will get nothing but love and kisses. Just trust me on this.

BUT no need to worry...Im all better now. Up and running around like nothing happened. I honestly dont see why they made a big deal.

I did milk the attention for all it was worth...who wouldn't??? The belly rubs are SOOOO worth it.

SO that is it for now! I think Mom is gonna write a little something up about me being in the wedding next time WHICH i was promised a whole new box of tennis balls if I behaved myself. So we will see how that goes. HAHA!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Tommy!

TOMMY!!! I love me some Tommy. Tommy and his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, actually live in the house next door to Jasons parents and I will admit we are over there often :) Tommy is dad to a gorgeous little girl named Allison and has a little boy on the way as we speak. I always joke about Tommy to Jason and calling him his man-crush behind their backs. One of my favorite times with Tommy and Elizabeth was when I set up my karaoke equipment in their rec room and we just blasted bad karaoke all night. So fun :)

I will admit that Jason wasn't the best at actually "asking" his buddies to be a part of the wedding. It was like pulling teeth, I tell you. But of all of them finding out they were to be a groomsmen, Tommys story if my favorite. For the past several years, I have DJed for Tommys employee appreciation party and, get this, it is on a charter fishing boat out of Norfolk! How freaking fun!?!?! Well of course Jason came along to "help" me. Anyway...we were all standing there and I was listening to them chit chat and watching out for dolphins and Tommy looked straight at Jason and said..."So am I in the wedding or what?" hahaha. Thats what you have to love about Tommy. Straight and too the point with a sense of humor on the side. I wouldnt change him for anything!

Tommy actually still tells me the story on how Jason came over one day and talked about this "cute new girl at Fords Colony". Tommy still takes credit for our being together because he told Jason to go for it...i let him have it :)

Tommy and Elizabeth never miss our Halloween Blow Outs!

HAHAHAHAHA. He never fails to make me laugh.

Old pic of the two of them....hahaha. I would love to know what Jason is doing.

Meet Karen!

Karen. Karen. Karen. This girl is just amazing. I love her to PIECES. I met her through Jason because they had been friends for awhile and when we met, we just clicked. We have been there for eachother through some good and some bad. Whatever the occasion, we always make eachother laugh and seem to have a nack for reading eachothers thoughts. (We can actually finish eachothers cute) What is great is during our nights of wine and gabfests...we have shared heartaches and hopes and dreams. She heard me talk about how much i wanted to marry Jason even after a few months of dating and I listened as she found her way to the man of her dreams, who she is ALSO marrying this perfect is that?!? To steal her words, its been wonderful being her friend and Im so grateful to be apart of her ever after as she is in mine. <3 I never thought I would find a best friend in her as quickly as i did, but it was unavoidable. We are friend soul mates and i wouldnt trade her for the world <3

Our first pic together at the infamous Foxfields

You know I had to love her to take her to a Gwen Stefani concert....I mean really.

I LOVE this picture of Karen and Jason...makes me laugh...

Love you so much Karen...Im so excited that we will be standing next to eachother in our weddings :)

{The Inspiration Behind} Our Invitations

Where to begin? First off, I knew I wanted me and Jason's invitations to be fun and set the tone for our wedding. Second, I knew I wanted to design and make them myself. I have always had a soft spot for DIY paper goods even if I was never really good at the DIY thing. Hoping my inner-girl scout would come out again, I started from scratch. No templates, NOTHING. Not smart. I must have gone through 5 different designs.....This is one of the ones that got rejected -->

 I kept going back and forth and kinda of throwing around the idea of giving up and just buying some invitations online. I even had some broad quote out invitations for her to make and I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. Seriously. The prices on some of this stuff is mind blowing. Anyway....I did more searching and hunting for ideas and then I came across some seriously fun invites on one of my fav wedding blogs, Hi-Fi Weddings, and it hit me. RECORDS. I wanted to incorporate vinyl records somehow. The ones I looked at used cds and just put stickers on em but no! I wanted real freakin' vinyl! So off i went and started designing what would become our wedding invitations....

I couldnt love anything more. Im so proud of them. Shout out to Gwen and Peggy for helping me laminate the record sleeves, stuff and address the envelopes. They were a big help to me!

PS. I know that Jason and I have gotten slack for not registering BUT there is a method to our madness. Check out the back of the invitations for our "registry"....Just in case you missed it :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wedding. Wedding. Wedding. House. House. House. Work. Work. Work.

…..not necessarily in that order :) My life lately has been all of the following:

1. busy

2. motivating

3. busy


5. busy

6. exhausting

7. busy

8. very….very….FUN

Between the wedding and building our house, needless to say we are going full throttle. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing though mainly because I really feel Jason and I have a system with all of this, or we kinda feel like we do. One of the best things I have found to help me are LISTS. Yep. The over-prepping, micro-managed lists that I never thought I would do but I have had TONS of them!! So here is a little sneak peak on whats going on!

WEDDING STUFF TO DO! – Not bad for less than three months away, if I do say so myself.
Wedding Baskets for out-of-towners. Have list. Need to buy and assemble.

Baskets for bathrooms at the marina.

Props for the photobooth.

Pick up flags from Nags Head Rental Company.

Buy materials for making boutonnieres.

Buy marriage license (!!!)

Finalize Playlist for pre-ceremony and reception.

Edit mix for Ceremony.

Final dress fitting.

Buy Jason new sandals for ceremony…and subsequently hide them so he can’t mess them up.

Get step stool and decorate for ceremony (you think im kidding…)

Painting to be finished this week.

Final trim out with light switches, HVAC vents, etc.

Pick out ceiling fans and pendant lights for kitchen.

Carpet and laminate installed.

Toilets, sinks and vanities set.

Water, sewer and power connected.

Final grading.



Oh. And…….START PACKING. Hahaha.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{The Inspiration Behind} Our Ceremomy and Programs

Ill be honest. I am having a freakin' blast planning this wedding. There is something to be said for having a long engagement, no lie. Hats off to those who plan in short timeframes.

No matter how fun it is to plan the reception, we have not lost track of why we are doing this in the first place. When planning how our ceremony was going to go, Jason and I knew we wanted three things....short, intimate and fun. This was the beginning of our marriage and lives together! So I started brainstorming on how to make the short ceremony reflect the best of us, individually and as a couple. I did research on how to break down ceremonies and the best way to lay them out. Thankfully my sister Shelly had given me a few books from when she was planning her wedding and they helped out a ton. As much as this may not give enough credit to themeaning of the ceremony but it is a performance in a way. You have to make sure it flows and keeps the "audiences" attention and most of all tells the story. We wanted our story to relate express us. Give our family and friends an inside view into our relationship and whyit is we love eachother. Honestly you can never truly know what goes on behind closed doors of any relationship but hopefully our ceremony will give a peak on how we communicate and love eachother. I dont want to give out too much of the actual ceremony and be a spoiler so I will give some fun hints for the atmosphere we are picturing.......

  • Pinwheel Boutineeres
  • Bali wedding flags
  • Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons!!
  • Mousse in wedding attire. Nuff' said.
  • The entire bridal party in a sea of blue..might be my favorite detail so far
  • James River in the background.
  • BOATS and more BOATS!
  • Toes in the sand.
  • Love in the air!
  • Tying the "knot"...wink! wink!
How FUN is this!? Doesnt it make you think of a DMB or Jimmy Buffet concert? <3 it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Porch and Roof and Windows OH MY!

 First look at our house!

Welcome to our little house!

Looking out our new kitchen window :) 
KITCHEN!! (Jason says hello!)

Our Living Room


Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Downstairs Bath


Looking downstairs to our living room

Our nook!

Our bedroom!

The office/future little person room!

Master Bath

Jason walking in our closet. haha!

SOOOO EXCITING. Ugh. Cant stand it.

Um HELLO 2011?!??!?

Bajeezus. I cannot believe that 2010 is over. So much amazing stuff happened this year that it is almost overwhelming to think back on. However, bring it on 2011. This is our year. We are moving into our house in the next few months, GET MARRIED and spending a week in Jamaica just the two of us. It is just so wonderful to think about. Who knows what else is in store for us?!!

Have a FANTASGREAT new year!!