Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Roadblock & Battle Scars

I have hit a huge road block in my workout routines. My energy is drained. This past 3-day weekend I managed to squeeze in one Brazil Butt Lift video (ONE!) and my bootcamp workout on Saturday. Skipped my planned bike ride on Easter Sunday due to the aforementioned bootcamp because it straight up whooped me and I was SORE. (We do these hanging pull ups on the football goal post...oh. em. gee.) Meanwhile, I decided that jumping over a fence several times to avoid walking around was a smart idea. It was until I then decided to face plant and completely loose my balance that I got these bad boys.....

(Just know I didn't mean for my leg to be ashy in that last picture. It happens. At least I shaved, so bonus for you.)

So PITY PARTY for ME! Well, not really. I bruise so easy that this is nothing. I did man up and go to bootcamp this morning and stepped it up a bit. My arms were sore going into it but I think it loosened them up a bit. I am not sure that it is possible to do that but I am rationalizing it that way. So there ;)

Cheers to hoping I actually get back into my routine tomorrow morning! WHOOP!


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