Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedding blah blah! :)

Its set! Ready to GO!! May 15th is going to be when I try on my dress. I say dress singular bc I only have one in mind. Thats it. Even if it looks horrible Im wearing it bc its so beautiful. I just cant wait. It is gonna be a total girls day out. My mom, Jasons mom Peggy, sisters Sarah, Shelly and Gwen, my Aunt Carla, and MY NIECE CLAIRE are coming!! SHELLY AND CLAIRE ARE FLYING IN FROM MICHIGAN FOR THE FITTING!!! Im beside myself. It will be such an awesome weekend.

I admit I feel i need to pinch myself sometimes. Since we got engaged everything with the wedding seems to come out better than I expected.We are very lucky to have such amazing people around us.  I know that without them, none of this would have been possible. I kinda wanted to elope to be honest but I would not trade in any of it now. Planning a wedding so far has just been amazing. Not because of the stuff we are looking at or what kinda food we are picking out, its the family. Thats all it boils down to. My mom is fitting right into her Mother of the Bride role, being supportive and giving her advice at the right times. I think Im going to make up a role of Aunt of Honor bc my Aunt Carla is being so great and I want her to be a part of it all with everything! My sisters are just being as amazing as they always are. Shelly being so far away can be hard but we make a pretty good effort of staying in touch with the plans :) My cousin Sam just got engaged and she still manages to get excited about our wedding...i know its hard when she is SO excited about hers. I cant wait till she starts her planning...she always has SUCH cute ideas. What I love the most???????????? The wedding is still a year away and bc of all of these ladies, the plans are just falling in place. We can just sit back and enjoy all of the fun of planning a wedding!

busy busy weekend.

whew. the weekend isn't even over and im already cashed out. Friday night I DJed for the Rivercity Rollergirls - Roller Derby team based out of Richmond, VA. They had a bout on Saturday so I Djed for their pep rally on Friday. SO. FUN. These girls are so sweet and bad ass. With names like "Stiffy" and "Red, White and Bruises", they are just too cool for me lol. My cousin Sam, her fiance Shawn and our friend Crystal came out for it. It ended up being a super fun time. Not many people ended up showing but we still had a great time :)

Crystal and Sam! (Love the face haha...Sam was oblivious)

Me trying to get the crowd going with raffles and trivia and behind the booth...this girl was so excited/hammered. Either is alright lol. 

Sam and her new coozie :)

I got to interview each of the girls...they were so nice!

Us ladies at the end of the night! SO FUN!


Saturday I was the DJ for Ray and Renee's wedding. (Renee's brother Mark is our neighbor so thats how we met.) They had an outdoor ceremony in Charles City right on the river and then their reception was at Fords Colony. Everyone had their fingers crossed that it wouldnt rain and it had a spinkle for a few minutes but held off just for them!! It turned out amazing. (The wind wasnt too bad in my mics either so that worked out too!!)

Their colors were orange and pink! I didnt think i would like it but it was so cute how they decorated everything!

"To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold!" They were that kinda crowd ;)

I LOVE Ray's face in this haha! They were such a cute couple. CONGRATS!!!!

And now its Sunday and Im working all day at the gym. Jason and I try to get over the Gloucester every Sunday to have dinner with my family so thats the plan tonight. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Jason and I got back from Arizona today and looking back on the trip, it was just great. We got to spend some quality time with his Uncle David and cousins Ryan and Daniel doing everything from playing basketball in the neighborhood everyday to seeing the one and only Grand Canyon. I loved every second and spending time with the boys is always a good thing. The trip was short but awesome. I took TONS of pics but had to put the good ones up :)

Everyday when we picked Daniel up from school he wanted to go play basketball. Of course we went and played HORSE until we had to go home. It was a blast. Daniel is pretty awesome for his age, Jason of course held his own and...well...Ryan and I? It kept us laughing.

On Thursday Uncle David, Jason and I went out to eat at this place called "The Greasewood Flat". TRUST ME. If you are ever in AZ near Scottsdale....go there. It was an outdoor restaurant that was dusty and rustic and oh so cool. You walk in and there are picnic tables everywhere and to order food you go inside this building that reminded me of an old western movie and it has dollar bills pinned to the ceiling and walls with old pics. It was just cool. Plus we got to just chill out with Uncle David and have a few beers. Oh and the cheeseburger? Worth the trip alone. 

Yea. Doesn't look like much but it was very good. 

Saturday morning Daniel had a baseball game so we were stoked to be able to see him play. This is me and Ryan hanging out :)

Uncle David, Ryan, Me, Jason and Daniel after the game. 

Daniel and Ryan LOVE cars. They took us to the high end dealerships that made my Pontiac look like a junkyard car! We even saw a car worth 1.5 million! It was crazy. My fav was this white Bentley. It would look good with me in it, huh?!?!

Last but not least.........

THE AMAZING GRAND CANYON!! Jason and I rented a car on Thursday and drove up to the Canyon and spent a few hours while the boys were in school. It was worth getting up at 4:30 a.m. Everyone tells me it will be an image you can never erase from your mind and I think that is so true. We had a great time and the weather was perfect and it wasn't crowded at all. 

All in all? A perfect vacation. Jason and I had a blast with the boys and his uncle and we got to spend some time in the sun and see some cactus :)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boat Karma

Last night, Jason and I were getting last minute things done before we left for Arizona and around 11:30 p.m. his cell rang. It was a family friend of ours calling to ask a favor from Jason. Being the amazing guy Jason is, he says "Of course! Whats up?" The guy's son was stranded on his boat out on the James River! The battery died or something. Without skipping a beat we hopped in the truck and headed down to the Marina to head on out. Even with the complete trust and confidence that I have in my husband-to-be, I was a little scared. I mean it was DARK. The spotlight on the boat was controlled by a little lever that he was moving back and forth. So I had to put my big girl panties on and be brave. We strolled along keeping a look out for channel markers and crabpots and we finally saw the guys boat. We loaded up and towed him and his buddy back. Jason calles this "Boat Karma". Given that he didnt think twice about helping a friend out, it will show this kid that one day you might have to do the same. I just think life is like that in general. Its just really cool to be able to help people out when you can. On the way back, with the boat securely in tow, I took a second and looked around. The sky was so clear and the air was warm with the perfect breeze. It was one of "those" moments. I always love those kinda moments where you just take everything around you in and remind yourself not to take anything for granted. I also realized as we were pulling into the Marina that in almost a year, we will be at our wedding SO that of course got me excited!!

Jason and I are on our way to Arizona as I type. I cant wait. i have never been to Arizona before! I am gonna miss the Mousse man though. He wont even realize we left bc he is at Jasons parents house. Run around the yard all day? Yes please!

(I also might be going to the grand canyon....but shhh. I cant get my hopes up in case it doesnt happen but if it does? The pictures will be AMAZING)


Thursday, April 1, 2010


i am just beside myself.

i doubted this would happen and here it is. dont judge me but i totally just called and ordered 10 copies.