Friday, April 13, 2012

Shrimp and that $400 Chair

The other night I met up with my mom, aunt and sister to pig out at one of the best pig pickin' places around here, The County Grill and then to do some shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Priorities first though people. The food is just amazing here. They also serve mouthwatering corn muffins with the creamiest butter in the world. I may or may not have taken like 5 with me for later.

You may drool. I give permission only because I did. 

Because I knew I would binge inhale delicately eat these muffins from heaven, I chose my entree carefully. I normally splurge and get the pulled pork sandwich with crinkle fries (duh) but I decided to go with something different and chose the bacon wrapped shrimp with black eyed peas. Southern meal WHAT!? 

I was a fatty and took a few bites of the beans before I realized I am trying to actually keep up with this blog haha and to do that you need photos! I at least did not mess up the fancy swish of bbq sauce on the plate. A picture of me licking the plate would have been classy. 

After, we rolled our big bellies over to BBB to pick up some gifts for my cousin, Sam's, bridal shower(s). (She will be having three showers over the next 4 weeks!) I can for real live in this store. You always realize how you cannot possible live without all of the kitchen gadgets this store carries. What is even better is it is actually decently priced and they always accept coupons that expired like 5 years ago. (EVERY time. I never even bother to look at the date any more, it is fantastic.) Those coupons save you even more money. Score!

Well we finally got out of the kitchen section (our basket was full) and stumbled across this beauty!

Who does not need this!? Ugh. If that baby was within my budget of $20, I would be doing this blog while swinging away in that bad boy. Who would pay $399 for this? Wowza. I enjoyed my swinging chair experience for a few moments and grudgingly got up to check out. Sad face. 

Ps. I bought my super power shoes while I was in MI and LOVE LOVE THEM! So comfy and once I got them a little dirty, they are even better. Is it just me or does super bright new shoes make you feel like a giant douche? I like to scuff em' up a bit. 


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