Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Girls Night of Pizza and Beer...oh and Deal or No Deal

I had no real plans this past weekend except my normal work shift at the gym on Sunday so I did what every normal person does on days off: pack as much things into it as possible. No? Just me? I got up super early Saturday, worked out, cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed and shampooed our carpets, 4 loads of laundry (a lot for two people haha) organized our closet and my office and cleaned the kitchen. All during this time I was chatting with sis-in-law on possible going to Busch Gardens for a fun eve of roller coasters and beer. It did not take much convincing so it was a date. I knew it was going to be a pretty good night when as we were getting dropped off by her mom (hello 8th grade) she gave me a cup of water and said "Chug this. We will need the water for help for the amount of beer we are about to drink." Oh dear.

By the way, I love being a local of Bburg...you go to the most beautiful theme park on days when you are bored and don't feel the need to cram every single ride and show in one day! Our priority was purchasing an icy cold beer and leisurely walking around and catching up. It was fantastic.

Since it was getting a little chilly out, we went on the indoor 3D ride, Dark Castle. I had a few beers at this point and thought it was appropriate to take photos...well at least we were the only ones there haha!

Gwen is obviously just terrified. So scary. 
Do you have your 3D glasses on???
We walked around and decided we were hungry enough to destroy the cheesy pizza they make at BG. Oh dear it is amazing. If I wouldn't have been such a heffer, I would have stopped to take a picture to show you it was oh. so. worth. it. I won't even mention the fries and cheese sauce. 

We were feeling pretty frisky enough to drop a buck fifty into the game room because they have my favorite game EVER now! Deal or No Deal! You want to know why it is such an awesome game? Because BAM! We won over $1,600 tickets!!!!!

(Side note: You see what is wrapped around the beer bottle Ms. Gwendolyn is holding? Yes. You are correct. NOT a coozy. Napkins. Because Busch Gardens does not even sell coozies. SMH. Auggie Busch would be so disapointed that his patrons have to brink their own coozies. Which oooooofffff course we forgot.) 

One of our many big winners!

This is Gwen folding the tickets all nice and neat as they come out of the machine.......

......and here is me. Not caring whatsoever how I folded the tickets. To keep from smacking me, she took a photo. 


The clock of London struck 10 so of course we did what every one else is supposed to at 10 o'clock after a night of DOND, pizza and beers....

 Ice cream please. Extra sprinkles. Can we do this every night this summer?


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