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Welcome to Pearl-essence! My name is Amanda Pearl and this blog is meant for me to capture amazing memories in my day to day that I know pass me by all the time in this fast paced and whirlwind lifestyle we have. My blog world will be full of crazy musings, random photos, my awesome family and friends, music, health and fitness, my love for classic VW Bugs and random home improvements. I also think I am decent-ish cook so I will probably share a recipe or two if I think it is worth sharing or I found it on Pinterest and want to brag about it. Honestly, I just like talking about myself so better you should know this now.

Jason = my husband. He is amazeballs and my best friend in the world. He tolerates my craziness every waking minute and I love him for it. We got married May 2011 and he is still stuck with me much to his dispair ;)

Mousse = Our chocolate lab Mousse who is our 4 year pain in the butt that we would not trade in for anything in this world. He makes us laugh every day and seriously has a boner for tennis balls and cheese. oh and mud.


I get mushy every now and then when I talk about my husband and our crazy dog so just move on as if nothing was said to engage your gag reflex. I get this way about our families too because seriously we would be nowhere without them.

I love using CAPITALS and smilicons ;)  :)  :-P Do I realize this is annoying? Yes and I apologize (sorta). I am trying to get better. Really though I do not care. I have like 7 readers.

I will post alot about my constant journey to learn more on health and fitness mainly because I realize this can only keep me in check. I am exercise A.D.D. because I do everything from bootcamp classes to Beachbody DVDs. Anything to keep it interesting because when I work out and eat right, I feel better and am in a better mood. All leads to go on this front so I will keep doing it as long as I can! (This does not mean I break down and seriously eat a vat of mac n'cheese. Or a sleeve of oreos. It happens. I am not shamed to admit this plus Jason finds it amusing when it happens.)

I have three jobs. One is my day job, two is my part time job at an awesome local gym and three is this fun thing I call DJing....Here is my website, here is my facebook and here is my blog. Fun stuff.

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