Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Date Night and Mind Games

Jason and I got a much needed date night the other night and we went back to the scene of a crime: The First Date. Oh yeah baby! Our first date (!!!!!!) was five years ago and he knew one of my favorite meals was a Shrimp Po' Boy and this was the only place in town to serve one. How amazingly cute is he?!? Unfortunately, we have not been since because it is right in the middle of downtown Williamsburg and a tourist trap to boot. If you are in the area GO. It is just awesome. So awesome that I got distracted by delicious mussels and beer and I forgot to even get a picture of my date. Whoops! 

They have these cards on each table that are mind benders and conversation starters. Seriously such a cool way to get to know someone ;) 

Yum. Need I explain this? Beer is good. 

This pic is probably blurry because I was shaking from excitement. Mussels, tomatoes, mushrooms and parmesean cheese on bruschetta. Yes. Please. 

We had a great evening and for real needed some time together. He is just a fun guy to be around period. I love his face. 


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