Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dogs and Daffodils

So I was walking with Mousse the other morning and I had all of a sudden realized that my favorite flowers were popping up everywhere!!

Notice anything wierd about them? They are some hybrid daffodil or something but I picked as many as I could! Mousse helped, of course.

I love spring.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am completly addicted to this blog -------> Taza and Husband : The Rockstar Diaries. I came across them when looking at another amazing blog and i just fell in love. I think it is so refreshing when you come across or meet people that are so down to earth and real. I love their uniqueness and pure love for eachother. It's just nice because sometimes you feel that those things get more rare these days and then you come across people like them and you can relax and breath a little better knowing that the world might just be ok. That might be a little extreme thinking but you know what? Sometimes I will take whatever hope and inspiration I can get. Even if it is from complete strangers I met through a blog or someone I have known for my entire life, I think you have to grab it wherever you can find it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Love is like a dumpster

With our anniversary last week, we wanted to do something but trying to watch the money to be honest. So we thought that a impromptu business trip was just the ticket to getting away for the night. Jason had recently bought a trailer and several dumpsters from this guy in Long Island and he needed to go up to get them. So he booked a room in Westhampton, NY and we figured we would grab some good seafood and there you go! Makeshift weekend getaway! We drove up Friday morning and it was just gorgeous outside. I will admit it killed us a little bit to not do something else on such beautiful days but you know, gotta do what you gotta do. We ran into traffic in all the places we expected too but the scenery didnt let us down!
We got there around 7:30 or so, checked in and went on a mission to find a restaurant that was even open, much less served good seafood. The town was a little fishing village and had on-seasons and off-seasons so the odds werent good. We just about gave up when we came across a place called Magic's Pub and it was perfect! After driving all day we just wanted to sit down and relax with a few beers and some good food. They had filet and crabcakes on special so of course I chose that and Jason chose the famous cheeseburgers that they serve on english muffins (very good apparently) We split a New England clam chowder because you cant get any fresher than that. It was sooo tasty.
(Horrible pic I Blackberry chooses its moments)

It was a great night at dinner but we knew we had to get to bed early because we had to get up and load some dumpsters up first thing and get on the road home. We got to the dumpster yard at about 8:00am and was ready and raring to get going...well Jason was, I just chilled out in the truck. Jason told me that it would only take about an hour to load everything up. Well the guy didnt have anything ready that he should have so 3 1/2 hours later, we were pulling out of the yard ready to make our way home. We got a few miles up the road and as we approached 35 or 40 mph, the trailer started to fishtail really bad! I looked in the rearview mirror and the tires on the trailer were going up and down in the air. I was FREAKING out. I didnt say anything because I knew Jason was already stressed out because it had taken so long but this was just crazy. The whole time he kinda doubted the trailer was gonna make it because of several reason but that was icing on the cake. So we turned around and called the guy back. They took a dumpster off the top thinking it was too high and re-arranged the ones inside to adjust the center of gravity. (This is all what I was not the brightest person when it comes to this stuff so basically I hope this makes sense.) So another hour or so later, we were on our way again! We made it to I-495 this time and made it on the ramp with no issues...however we got up to about 45-50 mph and sure enough....Jason felt it start to swivel again. So. Turned around yet again. Long story short? We came home with no dumpsters/trailer. I felt so bad for Jason and he handled it so well because I know I would have just flipped. I thinks that really helps us out in situations like that because you dont need two people freaking out haha! After all was said and done it was 2:00pm before we got back on the road. I offered to drive all the way home so he could chill out. I didnt mind because I was on a mission to make it home when my GPS lady said we would. We did :)

Anniversary = full of good food

You will begin to realize that its always about the food with me and Jason. If we are not eating it or making it then we are thinking about eating it or making it. (Well maybe that is more just me haha) Last Thursday was our 3 year anniversary and we had a gift card to Opus 9 Steakhouse. Why not? Opus 9 is a place we ventured to a few years ago and while the food was decent the tab was NOT worth it. Either way we were pretty excited to get semi-dressed up and go enjoy some delicious fancy food on the house. I got the filet and he got the ribeye. So good. My favorite part of the meal was the appetizer though! It was described as "New Orleans Style Barbecue Shrimp". It came out on a plate with this thick sauce and has brichetta on the side....OH MY GOSH. AMAZING. I of course had to take a picture...
Just delicious. Im determined to figure out what was in that sauce....It was kinda spicy and definitly had rosemary in it. (Isnt he so cute?!?!)

Class all the way for us two.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top of the day to ye!!!


I didnt wear ANY green today! How un-irish of me. I was flipping through my pictures trying to find a fun green pic and this is what I found!

I know my blog is a little too new to reveal just how much I am in love with Gwen Stefani and her amazing band No Doubt so I will prevail from going off on a tangent BUT thats why I posess this picture :) She is stunning. This dress is amazing and I wish I could wear something like that while celebrating tonight with a Bud Light in my hand but most likely I will be wearing what I wore last year.....


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I heart Kilwins!!!

Yes. Ladies and Gentledudes. That is a chocolate covered twinkie. Thats all. Nothing else to say. Kilwins Chocolate Store is now my uphoria.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Think of happy thoughts!

This is what I feel like doing.....

Im at work and completly over this day already!!!! We are remodeling our offices and the fun has now migrated over to my work area. Dont get me wrong! I love me some paint fumes and the chance to re-arrange but adding all this PLUS angry homeowners coming in confused about re-newing their gate cards kinda gets my heart rate going. Doesnt sound as bad as I write it but its more frustrating than I making it out to be. ARGH.

On a positive note! I have a meeting with a client this afternoon for her July wedding! I am SUPER excited. I went to high school with Desiree and and so happy that she is getting married. :)

Speaking of weddings!!!!! My mom and I went shopping on Saturday at the Williamsburg Pottery and got EVERYTHING for the centerpieces!!! They had exactly what I had envisioned!!! The best part? Everything was on clearance!! SCORE! I cannot wait to put them together. They had a huge wall with every type of shell you can imagine. They were cheaper there than buying in bulk online PLUS I am supporting the amazing Williamsburg Pottery :) LOCAL LOVE! Check out this wall!

We also stopped by Kohls and they have the cutest line of dishes and trinkets out now that are beachy and fun! AND ON SALE! We bought some shell dishes for the M&M's we are putting on the tables. After the wedding we will use them for salad bowls or soup... look how cute they are!!

SO. Now back to work. I think I just need to talk or think about wedding stuff whenever I get stressed because I feel so much more relaxed! BRING ON THE HAMMERS GUYS!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello weekend!!


Im so excited about this weekend. I dont have a gig (bittersweet) so I made plans to visit with my cousin sam tonight! She is the bestest i cant wait. We used to be attached at the hip when we were kids but time goes by and we have gotten super busy..which is how it usually goes. SO anytime with her is awesome.

This is us last summer at the B-52's concert. (Love Shack BABY!!!!)

Other than that, I am doing some wedding shopping with my mom tomorrow morning! WAHOO! I know people think that wedding planning can be stressful and all that but seriously? I freaking love it. Tomorrow we will be looking for stuff for the tables and such. Im thinking the combo of cattails and starfish? Very beachy and natural. I wanna make that pop somehow with some color but i have time to figure it out....Any ideas would be awesome!!!
I was thinking something like this, with the tall vase. Instead of water and the candle, i was gonna put bouquets of cattails inside the vase so they are kind of showcased inside and not hanging out. So...yeah. its gonna be fun to play with it.

Other than that fun stuff, I hope to hang out with Gwen on Saturday night. We always get into some fun... :)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My world

I could stare at this picture all makes my heart melt and laugh at the same time.
(Such a hard life, I know Mousse)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rockin' Weekend!!

I had the BEST gig this past weekend!! It was for my Alma Mater, ECPI, College of Technology. They hired me last year to DJ for their Holiday Party, so I was obviously thrilled that they hired me again! I love returning clients...can not get any better. ANYWAY. The original date for the holiday party was snowed out so the "snow date" was this past Saturday. All the faculty and admin was there to rock the house. I even brought my karaoke machine to host a on-the-cuff American Idol competition. You can never go wrong with karaoke when there are a few drinks involved :) I just had a blast.

This is my down time for DJing right now but wedding season is JUST around the corner!!! I cannot wait!!! I love DJing for just cant replace that happy, lovey environment with anything else.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Maybe I love that Spring is almost here.

Maybe I hate that I cant wear fingernail polish longer than two days. It chips off without fail.

Maybe Jason and I already have our wedding planned out a year and a half before the set date. Maybe I love that just a little <3

Maybe I love our dog Mousse more than I ever thought possible. Maybe I have never even had a dog before him.

Maybe I always prepare myself for the worst. Maybe because I have experienced some pretty bad things. Maybe Im the only one to know about most of them.

Maybe I think Im growing up a little bit day by day....Maybe I am excited about the future with Jason and all that we want to experience.

Maybe I know I dont spend enough time with my family. Maybe I need to change that ASAP.

Maybe I think that men who cheat arent even men at all.

Maybe I think that you need to walk in other peoples shoes before you judge them or their actions. Maybe I am the one who is quick to judge sometimes.

Maybe I ate an entire devils food cake over the past few days. Maybe I am completly ok with that.

Maybe I think that I can get more out of my job. Maybe Im scared no one else thinks so too.

Maybe I wish that I could DJ every day.

Maybe I wish I could walk in Jasons shoes one day and he walk in mine.

Maybe I am annoyed by people who always think the world is out for them or they are always complaining. Maybe I can be one of the people sometimes.

Maybe I cant handle change as well as I think I do.

Maybe I am scared of the dark and dont tell anyone.

Maybe I hate the color yellow.

Maybe I feel better after a super long cry.

Maybe I get annoyed when people interupt me.

Maybe I think Jason is the coolest person I have ever met. Maybe I think he can do better sometimes haha!

Maybe.....I will become addicted to this blog a little bit and looking forward to venting on it.

Monday, March 1, 2010


It is official! May 21st, 2011 is our wedding date!! My parents, Jason and I met with Noel at Kingsmill on Saturday. Having the date set just made me SO excited.

This is the entrance to the Marina deck

This is one of the views of the include the SWEET firepit (and our future s'mores table)

This is where the food will be set up!

Another view of the deck.
This is where the DJ will be...cant get a better view!

View of the dock. The ceremony will be on the other side of it.

Mousse had to come check everything out. Well not really. He just wanted to play in the water....and he did :)

SO thats a little sneak preview. It is going to be such a fun wedding. Jason and I are on a mission to have it all planned out as far in advance as possible so we can just relax (well as much as possible haha). Jason also told me what he has in mind for our honeymoon and I am COMPLETLY stoked for it. More details later on that though.

In other news, our townhouse is officially off the market now. It was for sale through a realtor an entire YEAR. We are going to try our luck doing the "For Sale By Owner". Fingers crossed! We are kinda stuck in this limbo between selling the townhouse and starting construction on the new Either way. Steady as it goes :)