Tuesday, November 30, 2010

House Update from Mousse!

Hello again!!! I had to get on and tell you guys the latest with our HOUSE!!!!! A lot has happened since I last updated you. Mom and Dad take me out to the land as much as possible so I can make sure everything is going alright. As of this past weekend, all of my sticks and stranded tennis balls are in the spots I left them so NO WORRIES! Whew, right? I knew you were worried. Anyway...on to the HOUSE!!!!!!

ME!!!! (You can see Dad's dumpsters behind! Cool, huh??)

Mom was playing with her new camera....obviously the best part in the picture is me in the middle there :) Im standing where the house is going to go!

YUMMY!! Seriously you have to try the sticks out there. Not only are they HUGE but they taste GREAT!!!

This is all of us. Mom just had to get a shot of all of us. **gag** Eh...i still know how to ham it up!

OK so here is the cool part. These pics are in progression. Obviously not a lot has been done but as of tonight we have a foundation on our house!!!! (This is according to Mom and Dad...they didn't take me out with them today...the nerve) 

This is right after they cleared...the house is going smack in the middle!

This is the block for the foundation ready to be put in!! The "footers" are in at this point. I don't know what those are but they sound delicious. 

Another shot of the awesome block! (Cool fact? The firepit that Dad built for Mom when he proposed to her included some of these exact blocks!!!! What was even cooler was that is was right over yonder!!)

WE HAVE A FOUNDATION! YAY!!! I want to jump on it!!!
(Just a closer look of the foundation. That corner closest to you? Thats the kitchen! 
So yeah! Thats the latest and greatest!!! Hope everyone is doing GREAT and getting ready for Christ-mousse!!! hehehe :)


*Just started reading the blog? You can check out the other posts about the house by clicking on the handy-dandy link below called "The House That We Built" or you can be cooler and see the other posts that I have been in by clicking "Mousse". Cool huh? 

Monday, November 15, 2010

My 25th Birthday

Jason and I on the ferry over! (We had never done it before....so much fun!)

I love my new camera....the panoramic setting is just so cool.


All of us on the jitney going to the Tropicana....after a few cocktails this crowd gets FUN

Dad and I at Johnny Rockets for dinner!!!!! One of my FAVS!!!!


love it

love it more

look @ the ketchup!! win that money!!

Jason was playing the lobster game!! (que the lobster fingers)

they had a SMORES slot machine!!

um. Sex and the City slot machine? Yes please. 

This came from the Sex and the City machine!!! SCORE!!!!

Bfast @ Dennys. They gave Aunt Carla (her bday was Sunday!!! ) and I ice cream....lol 


"Under the boardwalk..."

All of us :)

My crazy dad.... :)

I loved the boardwalk

These doors were SO awesome!

We went to the Knife and Fork restaurant Sat. night. This is my new FAV restaurant. It opened in 1912 and was the speakeasy for the city. The friggin' rat pack used to hang out here. You cant get any cooler than that. 

All of us @ dinner

My filet with crab and asparagus!! YUMMO!!

Dads rack of lamb


Jasons porkchop and jumbalaya


Each of the stalls had a sink in the. Nuff' said. 

AWWW! Happy Birthday to me!!!!

This was like a chocolate covered moon pie. mmmmmm.

Harrahs had a bday too!!!


Every year since I have turned 21, I have made the trek up to Atlantic City with some of my family. Mine and my aunts bday is within a day of eachother so we like to make a big weekend out of celebrating. This year marked the big 2-5 for me and it could have not been a more perfect birthday. My parents, Aunt Carla, Uncle Dan and Jason spent the weekend at Harrahs, ate some amazing food, spent some money, drank a little (haha) alcohol and just had the best time. Cheers to this year!!! It will be the best YET!!! <3

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its time...its time to do the Christmas can-can!!

If you have never heard of Straight No Chaser....do yourself a favor and look them up here or even just watch this video and you will want to check some other songs that they have done. Gwen and I went to go see them in Raleigh, NC last Christmas Eve-Eve and fell in love. They are such great guys and funny as heck. (All married, much to Gwens dismay)

I also bought Mariah Careys new Christmas album, Merry Christmas II you, and its pretty decent. The first song is SO fun. Check it out.

I love Christmas music. I listen to it whenever I want to. My collection is pretty impressive. If i get a hankering to listen to Jessica Simpsons version of "O Holy Night" in the middle of March, I do without even feeling wierd. (Great version by the way...actually her whole Christmas cd is just fantastic) It isnt just the music though. It does secretly excite me that Christmas is only 46 days away and stores had Christmas trees out in October. I love every second of this season. 

Why do kids have to grow SO quickly!??!?!

October 2010

How cute are they?!?!? (I love how Claire is clapping haha!)

This was the last time I saw Kate! (Februrary 2010) Can you believe how big she has gotten?!?!

I was lucky enough to see Claire and Shelly in May this year! (That face just kills me)

I LOVED that she was able to be there when I tried on my wedding dress... :)
These girls are just amazing and I love have been able to watch them grow. Being an aunt to them is probably about the coolest role in my life. I think about them all the time and I wish I could see them every single day! We are lucky that they will be here for Christmas this year :) I get kinda emotional thinking about seeing them on Christmas morning...the innocence of children this time of year always gets me.

Monday, November 1, 2010

{Workout Diary} Insanity - Plyometric Cardio

Whew. Well, Insanity is hard. I won't sugar coat that one. Ill be honest though I am loving it so far. It is very focused on endurance and it reminds me of athletic training which gets that competitive side of me super motivated. I did't do a workout today bc I had to sleep in after this crazy weekend but I will be at it tomorrow, bright and EARLY!!! (PS if you have old shoes or you workout in running shoes...invest in cross-trainers before you start this. It will be worth every penny, trust me. I refused to replace my trusty New Balance shoes and my feet and calves were making me pay for it...they are now in the garbage)

Halloween 2010

I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. It kicks off the holiday season and it is an excuse to dress up and be with your friends. I also love decorating and finding new things every year to use for our party. This marked the 3rd year doing this Halloweenbash and our last in the townhouse :( BUT next year will be bigger and better because we will have so MUCH MORE ROOM!!! I kinda want to do a haunted trail next year......im already thinking of ideas :)

Enter if you DARE!!!!
Witch Way?!?!

I made this last minute...it looks like the skeleton head was a clown before lol!

"Watch out for loose "Mousse!" 

Dead Groom!

Dead Bride!

Our front yard :)

Its a Pac Man pumpkin!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Waiting for the trick or treaters....

Flintstones! Meet the Flintstones!
Tommy and Elizabeth as DJ Rock and Blue Crayon!
Wilma and Princess Peach!

LOVE THIS PICTURE!! HAHA!!! This became "Our Pose" It started the year she was a football player and it was just awesome from there haha

HAHA! Luigi catching a ride on Yoshi!

This was just genius. It made my night! Steve, Jeremiah, Dan and Crystal as the Mario clan!!!

 We all had a great time! The food was delicious (Thanks to Red Hot and Blue BBQ) and the company was even better :) Can't wait until next year!!!!

 **Photos of the decor by me and my trusty Canon 35mm, all other Steve and Crystal let me steal :) **