Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bouquets and Ribbons!

I have had flowers on my mind the past few weeks. I realized that I never have had a favorite flower. I like different flowers for different occasions. Daisies have always had a fun place in my heart as well as lilies. Honeysuckle reminds me of my Mabeccas house so it oozes memories of my childhood. So when thoughts of my bridal bouquet flashed in and out of my mind, they were always fuzzy. I didnt have a clear thought on what I wanted it to look like.

Now I have flooded myself in blogland looking for ideas. The wedding magazines seem to portray the same old bouquets. I have seen some FUN ideas. Like this one! And this one too! They arent really my style but it was fun to see something different. Then I came across this today....

I just LOVE the ribbons! I can picture doing something like this. I can see having my Maid/Matrons/Bridesmaids have something similar as well. It is so fun and feminine. As far as the flowers that I will be doing? Not sure yet. Plenty of time for that though :)

While checking this site out, I saw this too!

I thought this was very clever how they put the ribbons on the chairs like that. Time consuming but cost effective and ADORABLE. Fun stuff.

On a side note...this summer is flying by. May will be here before we even know it! Happy Thursday!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Brandon (aka GRECCO!)

Grecco and Jason have been friends for over 13 years. They grew up in the same neighborhood and played golf together. (Grecco is the one that told me how amazing Jason was at golf when he was younger...then his parents followed up with more stories....crazy man never even told me!) ANYWAY! They have been like brothers for years. Grecco is super close with Jason's entire family so I knew he was kind of a big deal :) 

Grecco is a Golf Pro and until recently has been moving back and forth. He now resides down the hall from me and Jason. Being our roommate, he gets he special privilege of being with us all the time :) He moved back to Williamsburg in May from being gone about a year. What is cool is he works at Fords Colony (my day job) down at the Country Club! 

Grecco is pretty much family to us. It wouldn't be me and Jason's wedding without him there to share it with us...and to toast the first Bud Light <3


xoxo Pearl

Monday, July 12, 2010

Catch Up!

Whew. The past few weeks have FLOWN by. So much has been going on. In a nutshell? Here is a glimpse in me and Jasons craziness in the past few weeks...

Peggy (jasons mom), Kevin (jasons cousin), Kyle (jasons cousin) and I did the MS150 Ocean to Bay Ride in honor of Jasons uncle Gary who has Multiple Sclerosis. The ride consisted of 150 miles in two days. (Or if you want to get was about 79 bc it was cut short and CRAZY HOT) I just loved that I did this ride this year with them. It was special to be a part of something that they have done for so long. It opened my eyes to this disease that I feel goes un-noticed. I was def. inspired to keep riding.

I had my first official Coney Dog in downtown Detroit! I went to Jason's cousin Elizabeths wedding in Detroit and I went to Lafayette Coney Island twice. It was awesome. 

Jason, Gwen and I posing before trying out the street fair's basketball contest. We ventured out with his Aunt Shelly and Uncle Don and had a BLAST. 

I was the only one that made a shot. Go figure. I got a sweet pen that had the Detroit Pistons schedule that rolled out of it like a scroll. I loved it! (Until i realized it was three years old...way to go promotions department haha)

The wedding and reception was GORGEOUS! The room was stunning and had a blast!

I also had a few showers to go to :) This was my friend Taryns baby shower! Her and her husband Gerald had a beautiful baby girl (Madison Taylor) about a week prior to the shower. She was just adorable. My gift was the pink cow she is holding! Isnt it precious! I get it at a shop here in Williamsburg called Paisley and the store is awesome. Check em' out!

Isnt she so sweet??

This is my friend Kristin. She is awesome, pure and simple. I met her at a previous job and we just clicked. Her and her now-husband Matt jetted off to Jamaica to get married, just them and i think it was just perfect for them. She had a shower about a week before they left. It was a blast :)

She had a "gift card tree"! How neat??

mmmmmm. CAKE.

Of course we had to go inside afterwards and have a few more drinks <3 It was at Greenleafe (my fav bar) so we had to! It was at this time we decided we had to give her a proper Bachelorette to come :)

AND...we just got back from another wedding in Michigan and Jason finished a hike out in Kings Canyon National Park in California..(talk about AMAZING pics!!) so i will have more later :) But now? Jason just made us his super fantastic stir fry so i have to cut this short!