Sunday, April 1, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Half-Point Review and Ab-tastic April!

Today marks the half way point of my Brazil Butt Lift (BBL) challenge through my coach at Beachbody and the start of the April "Ab-tastic"Challenge where the goal is to do 6,000 (!!!) ab moves the entire month. It adds up to be 200 moves a day so that seems more doable :) I am just adding it into my routine and we will see what difference it makes. This also marks 45 days of using Shakeology and I am confident saying it has made a HUGE difference!

Ok now my review so far of BBL. This is my third program through Beachbody (Insanity and Turbofire were the others) and to say I am hooked is an understatement. The different with the others is I really just incorporated it into my existing routine so I didn't do the suggested program outline. With the other two programs I lost 15 pounds and several inches over the course of about 7 months. Now on my frame that is alot of weight. It was great to get rid of my "happy weight" as I lovingly call it now because it all started creeping on when I started dating Jason and going out to dinners and fishing with a cooler of Bud Light and cold fried chicken. These were taking priority over my workouts. No regrets there! Haha!

Now a few of my "before" pics. I looked at these and just was in shock.

I look prego in that Christmas photo fo' real. Ugh. Spanx did not help at all. (How adorable is Mousse in this picture btw?! Secret? Put a tennis ball on the couch beside the camera. Like a charm.)

SO. Just to give you a little idea what got me really motivated. Keep in mind I was still working out pretty regularly. My diet was 100% what was wrong.

Oh and. Yes. I know I change my hair a lot. It is just what I do. It has changed like 6 times in two years.

I digress. Back to BBL and the purpose of this post. Ahem.

The only thing I changed out with this program is replacing the Tuesday workouts with bootcamp at my gym and the cardio segments with Turbofires HIIT sessions (High Intensity Interval Training). The cardio dvd's through BBL were silly and a little less intense that what I like from cardio sessions. I love pouring sweat and being gross so when I was done with the BBL 45 minute cardio DVD and still had energy to go outside and run a mile, I knew I had to up it up a bit! The "Sculpt" and "High and Tight" sessions are my favorite so far and I will definitely keep those exercises up after the challenge is done.

Now as far as progress, it has only been 30 days so not much. My weight hasn't changed (I am not really trying to loose weight, just tone up) but I have lost an inch and a half in my thighs, an inch in my arms and an inch in my waist. Nothing in my hips. Boo. I think I will change up my diet a bit little more and see if that helps.

 Before : March 1, 2012.................................................Half-way : April 1, 2012

I did not see ANY change when I first looked at these photos so of course I stared at them not believing there was absolutely NO change after losing a mere inch or so. I can actually see the "crease" less defined where my hamstring meets the butt cheek. You like my technical terms? :) This means my butt is going in the right direction! High and tight means NO crease. I will also remember to keep my posing consistent with my arms.

Sidenote: Me posting pictures is a huge step for me. Not that I am ashamed or anything but I am a very modest person. Why post them then? I have seen so many inspirational people blog on their struggles/achievements/goals that I thought if I can motivate one person, then I am happy. So thank you to all those that inspire me everyday. You know who you are.

Need to get my rest tonight! Gonna need it in the morning!


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