Friday, April 20, 2012


Holy sweet pickles am I happy it is Friday! This week has been chock full of fun events and my favorite was celebrating my super duper father-in-law's b-day on Tuesday! We celebrated at the new restaurant in town, Waypoint. Food was just on point and wine list was ridic.

This was cornbread topped with whipped butter (yum) and Smithfield ham pate (double yum). I have had more cornbread in the past two weeks than I have had in like 2 years. You know what? I am ok with this. 

I got the 5 oz filet with lobster, green beans and au gratin potatoes. Please remember this is not a normal meal for me. I figured I would eat half and save the rest for lunch. Nope. I would have licked the plate if it was appropriate. 

The MIL and I split a bottle of pinot grigeo and so worth it. She was a cheap date and only had a glass and a half so I stepped up. Hey...I know when to man up! 

We skipped dessert at the restaurant and went home to enjoy some classic ice cream cake with a cool 1990's Garfield cake topper. (The in-laws house has everything. For real. Name it, the MIL will provide it and more)

The big 6-0. Or 1-5....haha

Mousse wanted some treats too so of course he gets whatever he wants. Spoiled dog. 

Jason had to get in on the action. That right there is a attempt at a hand shake. Mousse realized he could take advantage at this point and just do what he wanted. Jason = 0, Mousse = 1. 

Speaking of Mousse doing what ever the hell he wants, I bought him tons-o-toys the other day to see if he would stop playing with scraps of paper and balls of my hair and I had big hopes for the new toys actually lasting longer than 5 minutes. Mousse had other plans..

Oh! What is this!?

It tastes pretty good...maybe I will gnaw on it for a minute. 

AHH! It squeaks!!! YAY! Must kill it now!


Fuzz is my favorite!


 Ears, legs and insides are all over the place. So morbid. 

What do I think is the best thing to do next? Get a beer. 


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