Monday, March 15, 2010

Think of happy thoughts!

This is what I feel like doing.....

Im at work and completly over this day already!!!! We are remodeling our offices and the fun has now migrated over to my work area. Dont get me wrong! I love me some paint fumes and the chance to re-arrange but adding all this PLUS angry homeowners coming in confused about re-newing their gate cards kinda gets my heart rate going. Doesnt sound as bad as I write it but its more frustrating than I making it out to be. ARGH.

On a positive note! I have a meeting with a client this afternoon for her July wedding! I am SUPER excited. I went to high school with Desiree and and so happy that she is getting married. :)

Speaking of weddings!!!!! My mom and I went shopping on Saturday at the Williamsburg Pottery and got EVERYTHING for the centerpieces!!! They had exactly what I had envisioned!!! The best part? Everything was on clearance!! SCORE! I cannot wait to put them together. They had a huge wall with every type of shell you can imagine. They were cheaper there than buying in bulk online PLUS I am supporting the amazing Williamsburg Pottery :) LOCAL LOVE! Check out this wall!

We also stopped by Kohls and they have the cutest line of dishes and trinkets out now that are beachy and fun! AND ON SALE! We bought some shell dishes for the M&M's we are putting on the tables. After the wedding we will use them for salad bowls or soup... look how cute they are!!

SO. Now back to work. I think I just need to talk or think about wedding stuff whenever I get stressed because I feel so much more relaxed! BRING ON THE HAMMERS GUYS!!!

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