Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello weekend!!


Im so excited about this weekend. I dont have a gig (bittersweet) so I made plans to visit with my cousin sam tonight! She is the bestest i cant wait. We used to be attached at the hip when we were kids but time goes by and we have gotten super busy..which is how it usually goes. SO anytime with her is awesome.

This is us last summer at the B-52's concert. (Love Shack BABY!!!!)

Other than that, I am doing some wedding shopping with my mom tomorrow morning! WAHOO! I know people think that wedding planning can be stressful and all that but seriously? I freaking love it. Tomorrow we will be looking for stuff for the tables and such. Im thinking the combo of cattails and starfish? Very beachy and natural. I wanna make that pop somehow with some color but i have time to figure it out....Any ideas would be awesome!!!
I was thinking something like this, with the tall vase. Instead of water and the candle, i was gonna put bouquets of cattails inside the vase so they are kind of showcased inside and not hanging out. So...yeah. its gonna be fun to play with it.

Other than that fun stuff, I hope to hang out with Gwen on Saturday night. We always get into some fun... :)


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