Thursday, March 4, 2010


Maybe I love that Spring is almost here.

Maybe I hate that I cant wear fingernail polish longer than two days. It chips off without fail.

Maybe Jason and I already have our wedding planned out a year and a half before the set date. Maybe I love that just a little <3

Maybe I love our dog Mousse more than I ever thought possible. Maybe I have never even had a dog before him.

Maybe I always prepare myself for the worst. Maybe because I have experienced some pretty bad things. Maybe Im the only one to know about most of them.

Maybe I think Im growing up a little bit day by day....Maybe I am excited about the future with Jason and all that we want to experience.

Maybe I know I dont spend enough time with my family. Maybe I need to change that ASAP.

Maybe I think that men who cheat arent even men at all.

Maybe I think that you need to walk in other peoples shoes before you judge them or their actions. Maybe I am the one who is quick to judge sometimes.

Maybe I ate an entire devils food cake over the past few days. Maybe I am completly ok with that.

Maybe I think that I can get more out of my job. Maybe Im scared no one else thinks so too.

Maybe I wish that I could DJ every day.

Maybe I wish I could walk in Jasons shoes one day and he walk in mine.

Maybe I am annoyed by people who always think the world is out for them or they are always complaining. Maybe I can be one of the people sometimes.

Maybe I cant handle change as well as I think I do.

Maybe I am scared of the dark and dont tell anyone.

Maybe I hate the color yellow.

Maybe I feel better after a super long cry.

Maybe I get annoyed when people interupt me.

Maybe I think Jason is the coolest person I have ever met. Maybe I think he can do better sometimes haha!

Maybe.....I will become addicted to this blog a little bit and looking forward to venting on it.

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