Monday, March 22, 2010

Anniversary = full of good food

You will begin to realize that its always about the food with me and Jason. If we are not eating it or making it then we are thinking about eating it or making it. (Well maybe that is more just me haha) Last Thursday was our 3 year anniversary and we had a gift card to Opus 9 Steakhouse. Why not? Opus 9 is a place we ventured to a few years ago and while the food was decent the tab was NOT worth it. Either way we were pretty excited to get semi-dressed up and go enjoy some delicious fancy food on the house. I got the filet and he got the ribeye. So good. My favorite part of the meal was the appetizer though! It was described as "New Orleans Style Barbecue Shrimp". It came out on a plate with this thick sauce and has brichetta on the side....OH MY GOSH. AMAZING. I of course had to take a picture...
Just delicious. Im determined to figure out what was in that sauce....It was kinda spicy and definitly had rosemary in it. (Isnt he so cute?!?!)

Class all the way for us two.

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