Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am completly addicted to this blog -------> Taza and Husband : The Rockstar Diaries. I came across them when looking at another amazing blog and i just fell in love. I think it is so refreshing when you come across or meet people that are so down to earth and real. I love their uniqueness and pure love for eachother. It's just nice because sometimes you feel that those things get more rare these days and then you come across people like them and you can relax and breath a little better knowing that the world might just be ok. That might be a little extreme thinking but you know what? Sometimes I will take whatever hope and inspiration I can get. Even if it is from complete strangers I met through a blog or someone I have known for my entire life, I think you have to grab it wherever you can find it.

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Emily said...

I too recently stumbled across their fabulous blog!! It is such a lovely thing!