Monday, March 22, 2010

Love is like a dumpster

With our anniversary last week, we wanted to do something but trying to watch the money to be honest. So we thought that a impromptu business trip was just the ticket to getting away for the night. Jason had recently bought a trailer and several dumpsters from this guy in Long Island and he needed to go up to get them. So he booked a room in Westhampton, NY and we figured we would grab some good seafood and there you go! Makeshift weekend getaway! We drove up Friday morning and it was just gorgeous outside. I will admit it killed us a little bit to not do something else on such beautiful days but you know, gotta do what you gotta do. We ran into traffic in all the places we expected too but the scenery didnt let us down!
We got there around 7:30 or so, checked in and went on a mission to find a restaurant that was even open, much less served good seafood. The town was a little fishing village and had on-seasons and off-seasons so the odds werent good. We just about gave up when we came across a place called Magic's Pub and it was perfect! After driving all day we just wanted to sit down and relax with a few beers and some good food. They had filet and crabcakes on special so of course I chose that and Jason chose the famous cheeseburgers that they serve on english muffins (very good apparently) We split a New England clam chowder because you cant get any fresher than that. It was sooo tasty.
(Horrible pic I Blackberry chooses its moments)

It was a great night at dinner but we knew we had to get to bed early because we had to get up and load some dumpsters up first thing and get on the road home. We got to the dumpster yard at about 8:00am and was ready and raring to get going...well Jason was, I just chilled out in the truck. Jason told me that it would only take about an hour to load everything up. Well the guy didnt have anything ready that he should have so 3 1/2 hours later, we were pulling out of the yard ready to make our way home. We got a few miles up the road and as we approached 35 or 40 mph, the trailer started to fishtail really bad! I looked in the rearview mirror and the tires on the trailer were going up and down in the air. I was FREAKING out. I didnt say anything because I knew Jason was already stressed out because it had taken so long but this was just crazy. The whole time he kinda doubted the trailer was gonna make it because of several reason but that was icing on the cake. So we turned around and called the guy back. They took a dumpster off the top thinking it was too high and re-arranged the ones inside to adjust the center of gravity. (This is all what I was not the brightest person when it comes to this stuff so basically I hope this makes sense.) So another hour or so later, we were on our way again! We made it to I-495 this time and made it on the ramp with no issues...however we got up to about 45-50 mph and sure enough....Jason felt it start to swivel again. So. Turned around yet again. Long story short? We came home with no dumpsters/trailer. I felt so bad for Jason and he handled it so well because I know I would have just flipped. I thinks that really helps us out in situations like that because you dont need two people freaking out haha! After all was said and done it was 2:00pm before we got back on the road. I offered to drive all the way home so he could chill out. I didnt mind because I was on a mission to make it home when my GPS lady said we would. We did :)

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