Monday, November 15, 2010

My 25th Birthday

Jason and I on the ferry over! (We had never done it much fun!)

I love my new camera....the panoramic setting is just so cool.


All of us on the jitney going to the Tropicana....after a few cocktails this crowd gets FUN

Dad and I at Johnny Rockets for dinner!!!!! One of my FAVS!!!!


love it

love it more

look @ the ketchup!! win that money!!

Jason was playing the lobster game!! (que the lobster fingers)

they had a SMORES slot machine!!

um. Sex and the City slot machine? Yes please. 

This came from the Sex and the City machine!!! SCORE!!!!

Bfast @ Dennys. They gave Aunt Carla (her bday was Sunday!!! ) and I ice 


"Under the boardwalk..."

All of us :)

My crazy dad.... :)

I loved the boardwalk

These doors were SO awesome!

We went to the Knife and Fork restaurant Sat. night. This is my new FAV restaurant. It opened in 1912 and was the speakeasy for the city. The friggin' rat pack used to hang out here. You cant get any cooler than that. 

All of us @ dinner

My filet with crab and asparagus!! YUMMO!!

Dads rack of lamb


Jasons porkchop and jumbalaya


Each of the stalls had a sink in the. Nuff' said. 

AWWW! Happy Birthday to me!!!!

This was like a chocolate covered moon pie. mmmmmm.

Harrahs had a bday too!!!


Every year since I have turned 21, I have made the trek up to Atlantic City with some of my family. Mine and my aunts bday is within a day of eachother so we like to make a big weekend out of celebrating. This year marked the big 2-5 for me and it could have not been a more perfect birthday. My parents, Aunt Carla, Uncle Dan and Jason spent the weekend at Harrahs, ate some amazing food, spent some money, drank a little (haha) alcohol and just had the best time. Cheers to this year!!! It will be the best YET!!! <3

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