Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its time...its time to do the Christmas can-can!!

If you have never heard of Straight No Chaser....do yourself a favor and look them up here or even just watch this video and you will want to check some other songs that they have done. Gwen and I went to go see them in Raleigh, NC last Christmas Eve-Eve and fell in love. They are such great guys and funny as heck. (All married, much to Gwens dismay)

I also bought Mariah Careys new Christmas album, Merry Christmas II you, and its pretty decent. The first song is SO fun. Check it out.

I love Christmas music. I listen to it whenever I want to. My collection is pretty impressive. If i get a hankering to listen to Jessica Simpsons version of "O Holy Night" in the middle of March, I do without even feeling wierd. (Great version by the way...actually her whole Christmas cd is just fantastic) It isnt just the music though. It does secretly excite me that Christmas is only 46 days away and stores had Christmas trees out in October. I love every second of this season. 

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