Tuesday, November 30, 2010

House Update from Mousse!

Hello again!!! I had to get on and tell you guys the latest with our HOUSE!!!!! A lot has happened since I last updated you. Mom and Dad take me out to the land as much as possible so I can make sure everything is going alright. As of this past weekend, all of my sticks and stranded tennis balls are in the spots I left them so NO WORRIES! Whew, right? I knew you were worried. Anyway...on to the HOUSE!!!!!!

ME!!!! (You can see Dad's dumpsters behind! Cool, huh??)

Mom was playing with her new camera....obviously the best part in the picture is me in the middle there :) Im standing where the house is going to go!

YUMMY!! Seriously you have to try the sticks out there. Not only are they HUGE but they taste GREAT!!!

This is all of us. Mom just had to get a shot of all of us. **gag** Eh...i still know how to ham it up!

OK so here is the cool part. These pics are in progression. Obviously not a lot has been done but as of tonight we have a foundation on our house!!!! (This is according to Mom and Dad...they didn't take me out with them today...the nerve) 

This is right after they cleared...the house is going smack in the middle!

This is the block for the foundation ready to be put in!! The "footers" are in at this point. I don't know what those are but they sound delicious. 

Another shot of the awesome block! (Cool fact? The firepit that Dad built for Mom when he proposed to her included some of these exact blocks!!!! What was even cooler was that is was right over yonder!!)

WE HAVE A FOUNDATION! YAY!!! I want to jump on it!!!
(Just a closer look of the foundation. That corner closest to you? Thats the kitchen! 
So yeah! Thats the latest and greatest!!! Hope everyone is doing GREAT and getting ready for Christ-mousse!!! hehehe :)


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