Sunday, October 24, 2010

{Workout Diary} Insanity - Fit Test

So if you are like me and like to watch fitness commercials and infomercials from the comfort of your couch/bed then you know about the new Insanity program, right? Well. My good ole' buddy Gwen decided to get me roped into it. I've done workouts from its sister workout, P90X, and I loved them but never did the enter program bc I do other stuff at the gym too. What I liked about Insanity is you don't need weights or resistance bands, it is just full-blown cardio and it uses your own weight to do the toning. Since cardio has always been my down-fall, I was intrigued. So Gwen and I are doing it. The whole program. Just for fun? Maybe. To fit in our clothes a little better? Most Likely. Maybe a little wedding motivation going on? More me than her BUT I always am up for trying something new at the gym so she didn't have to do much convincing...

I did the fit test this morning (gotta love Ironbound Gym) and decided to keep more of a video blog in addition to tracking it on here. (Also an excuse to play more with my macbook pro...there is still so much I haven't used on this freaking thing!) DISCLAIMER: These videos will not be pretty so Im just warning you...haha!

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Lynne said...

I just love reading your blog! You have more energy than I do when it comes to exercise! YOU GO, GIRL!!