Monday, October 11, 2010

Hi! (Its me, Mousse!)

Hi people! 

I have had the BEST past couple days! Mom and Dad took me out to our land to mark for our new house! I LOVE going out there! SO many sticks, so little time..........................sorry! I was thinking about that huge tree that fell over......i wonder if it is still out there........ahem! anyway! They were staking out where the house is going to go and the site plan will finally be sent over to the county for approval! They hope to clear by the end of the month! So exciting for all of us!! WAHOO!

It all couldn't come soon enough! You want to see a sneak peak of the house!?

This is the site plan!  

It is kinda hard to tell but this is the front elevation!! 

This is the first you walk into the front door the kitchen is to the right, the living room and stairs to go up is to the left and straight back are two bedrooms.  

This is the second floor! As you walk up the stairs, the master bedroom is to the left and another bedroom is to the right. The coolest part? There is a balcony that is open below to the living room. I think that mom and dad are more excited about the house though....I am more excited about the yard! 3 1/2 acres??! I won't see the house for like two weeks. 


Dad got me some new toys! You wanna see em'?

 This one used to be a braided fleece kinda thing. Not sure but i LOVE playing tug-o-war with it! 

 This is another tug-o-war favorite!! (Plus you can see a little bit of the other toy scattered beside it haha!)

And the every but of wonderful tennis ball!! MY FAV THING EVER. Dad was cool enough to get me a HUGE one that even had a squeaker inside! Those squeaker things drive me CRAZY! I had to get it doesn't squeak anymore so my job here is done. 

Talk to you all soon! 


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Lynne said...

Hey! Mousse Man!! Who's the Best Grandpuppy In The Whole Wide World? Yes, you are! Oh, yes, you are! Sampson says Hi!