Friday, October 1, 2010

Wedding Inspiration

I have seen these profiled here and there throughout blogland so i decided to make one for Jason and mines wedding because i have a SERIOUS amount of pics that i have copied and pasted into my computer to keep my creative juices flowing for the wedding. Looking through all those pictures, I realized that I have had a ton of ideas for this wedding and only have a few stuck around. Which made me realize thatI have learned a few fun things over the past 8 months of being engaged (!!!) so i though i would share them:

1) With long engagements, you tend to change your mind alot with the miles and miles of information at your fingertips for wedding planning. Def. not a bad thing because you are just throwing your ideas around at first. When we first started planning I had a image in my head of the wedding. The image is the same now except i have more colors (im not a matchy-matchy kinda person and well, Jason? He is lucky if he gets a shirt on without holes in them so he could care less) and we are just doing what we want without wondering if people will "get it".

2) One of the first pieces of advice my Mom told me when we first got engaged was "ITS YOUR WEDDING. Dont try and make anyone happy but you and Jason. Do what you want and everyone will love it." Ive heard this advice before and Ive read about it in magazines and blogs and it hasnt really sunk in until recently. Jason and I wanted this wedding to be a party. Be FUN. Reflect both of us, not only individually but as a couple. So that is our mantra for the whole thing. We are doing it because we want to and we think the whole thing is gonna be a blast.

3) family, family, family. When it comes down to it? That is what is ALL about. Jason and I consider our friends a part of our family too so its all the same. When doing our guest list we carefully considered who we knew would be a part of our lives for a long, loooooong time. When we were done with it and looked over the list, i realized that every name i saw typed out was our family and who we wanted to experience the coolest day of our lives with. (Jason looked at it and said "looks like a kick ass party to me!") The most important thing isnt the colors of the dresses or what kind of "cake" we are gonna have but its about celebrating the choice that Jason and I made to spend our lives together. That is pretty awesome. Who better to surround you than family?

4) MUSIC. Seriously. The playlist is hard. I was going to include in the RSVP a section to where all of our guests can put down a song or two that they wanted to hear but I quickley vetoed that once i realized that just between Jason and I, we have almost 250 songs on our playlist. Its only October! We have many more months of hearing songs and going "OH OH! I LOVE THAT SONG!" or Jason texting me after a few bud lights telling me to add Children of the Sun to the list. So I have decided what the hardest part of this entire wedding is going to cutting down the playlist. (Either that or have a 10 hour reception....hmmm.)

5) I have learned that being engaged is just awesome. I love everytime someone asks me to see my ring and tell the story behind it. I love annoying Jason with how many days until our wedding (232). Most of all i love thinking about the feeling i will have once i can actually call him my husband. Its so cool. <3

have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!

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