Friday, March 11, 2011

Wedding. Wedding. Wedding. House. House. House. Work. Work. Work.

…..not necessarily in that order :) My life lately has been all of the following:

1. busy

2. motivating

3. busy


5. busy

6. exhausting

7. busy

8. very….very….FUN

Between the wedding and building our house, needless to say we are going full throttle. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing though mainly because I really feel Jason and I have a system with all of this, or we kinda feel like we do. One of the best things I have found to help me are LISTS. Yep. The over-prepping, micro-managed lists that I never thought I would do but I have had TONS of them!! So here is a little sneak peak on whats going on!

WEDDING STUFF TO DO! – Not bad for less than three months away, if I do say so myself.
Wedding Baskets for out-of-towners. Have list. Need to buy and assemble.

Baskets for bathrooms at the marina.

Props for the photobooth.

Pick up flags from Nags Head Rental Company.

Buy materials for making boutonnieres.

Buy marriage license (!!!)

Finalize Playlist for pre-ceremony and reception.

Edit mix for Ceremony.

Final dress fitting.

Buy Jason new sandals for ceremony…and subsequently hide them so he can’t mess them up.

Get step stool and decorate for ceremony (you think im kidding…)

Painting to be finished this week.

Final trim out with light switches, HVAC vents, etc.

Pick out ceiling fans and pendant lights for kitchen.

Carpet and laminate installed.

Toilets, sinks and vanities set.

Water, sewer and power connected.

Final grading.



Oh. And…….START PACKING. Hahaha.

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