Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Tommy!

TOMMY!!! I love me some Tommy. Tommy and his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, actually live in the house next door to Jasons parents and I will admit we are over there often :) Tommy is dad to a gorgeous little girl named Allison and has a little boy on the way as we speak. I always joke about Tommy to Jason and calling him his man-crush behind their backs. One of my favorite times with Tommy and Elizabeth was when I set up my karaoke equipment in their rec room and we just blasted bad karaoke all night. So fun :)

I will admit that Jason wasn't the best at actually "asking" his buddies to be a part of the wedding. It was like pulling teeth, I tell you. But of all of them finding out they were to be a groomsmen, Tommys story if my favorite. For the past several years, I have DJed for Tommys employee appreciation party and, get this, it is on a charter fishing boat out of Norfolk! How freaking fun!?!?! Well of course Jason came along to "help" me. Anyway...we were all standing there and I was listening to them chit chat and watching out for dolphins and Tommy looked straight at Jason and said..."So am I in the wedding or what?" hahaha. Thats what you have to love about Tommy. Straight and too the point with a sense of humor on the side. I wouldnt change him for anything!

Tommy actually still tells me the story on how Jason came over one day and talked about this "cute new girl at Fords Colony". Tommy still takes credit for our being together because he told Jason to go for it...i let him have it :)

Tommy and Elizabeth never miss our Halloween Blow Outs!

HAHAHAHAHA. He never fails to make me laugh.

Old pic of the two of them....hahaha. I would love to know what Jason is doing.

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