Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Karen!

Karen. Karen. Karen. This girl is just amazing. I love her to PIECES. I met her through Jason because they had been friends for awhile and when we met, we just clicked. We have been there for eachother through some good and some bad. Whatever the occasion, we always make eachother laugh and seem to have a nack for reading eachothers thoughts. (We can actually finish eachothers cute) What is great is during our nights of wine and gabfests...we have shared heartaches and hopes and dreams. She heard me talk about how much i wanted to marry Jason even after a few months of dating and I listened as she found her way to the man of her dreams, who she is ALSO marrying this perfect is that?!? To steal her words, its been wonderful being her friend and Im so grateful to be apart of her ever after as she is in mine. <3 I never thought I would find a best friend in her as quickly as i did, but it was unavoidable. We are friend soul mates and i wouldnt trade her for the world <3

Our first pic together at the infamous Foxfields

You know I had to love her to take her to a Gwen Stefani concert....I mean really.

I LOVE this picture of Karen and Jason...makes me laugh...

Love you so much Karen...Im so excited that we will be standing next to eachother in our weddings :)

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