Thursday, March 31, 2011

{The Inspiration Behind} Our Invitations

Where to begin? First off, I knew I wanted me and Jason's invitations to be fun and set the tone for our wedding. Second, I knew I wanted to design and make them myself. I have always had a soft spot for DIY paper goods even if I was never really good at the DIY thing. Hoping my inner-girl scout would come out again, I started from scratch. No templates, NOTHING. Not smart. I must have gone through 5 different designs.....This is one of the ones that got rejected -->

 I kept going back and forth and kinda of throwing around the idea of giving up and just buying some invitations online. I even had some broad quote out invitations for her to make and I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. Seriously. The prices on some of this stuff is mind blowing. Anyway....I did more searching and hunting for ideas and then I came across some seriously fun invites on one of my fav wedding blogs, Hi-Fi Weddings, and it hit me. RECORDS. I wanted to incorporate vinyl records somehow. The ones I looked at used cds and just put stickers on em but no! I wanted real freakin' vinyl! So off i went and started designing what would become our wedding invitations....

I couldnt love anything more. Im so proud of them. Shout out to Gwen and Peggy for helping me laminate the record sleeves, stuff and address the envelopes. They were a big help to me!

PS. I know that Jason and I have gotten slack for not registering BUT there is a method to our madness. Check out the back of the invitations for our "registry"....Just in case you missed it :)

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