Monday, September 20, 2010

Rewind button is where?

WOW. I know that time is going by too quick when I got this email from my mom this afternoon:

"I know you have been busy, busy but your blog is void of a September entry!! I look forward to checking it out occasionally to see what's up! LOVE YOU, MOB"

haha i love it. I just smiled when i got it.

To be honest it has been a little busy! Jason and I got our house plans finalized and sent off to the engineers, DJing is keeping me spinning in circles and wedding details are flooding my mind. Add some drama with my insurance company and sprinkle in the fact that Jason and I seem to want to keep planning every single day out in advance and you have the past two months! haha! We are lucky to be busy though so we are trying to keep on keeping on. We should be clearing for our house in the next couple of weeks so we are beside ourselves. I kind of want to start packing already.... :)

Wedding update? Im working on the invitations at the moment. (The save-the-dates have been done but delayed with the printing so they will be sent by the end of the month...FYI) The invitations are going to be one of my favorite details, I will be honest. Next up? Ordering the alter decorations. I couldn't see Jason and I having the typical "altar".  So Jasons mom, Peggy, and I came across these...

HOW AWESOME ARE THESE?!?!?! Dont worry...this wasnt a complete spoiler. I have a few things I want to do to them to make them our own. I just think they will look really amazing down at the marina waving in the wind....makes me excited!!!

So right now it seems to be the details Im focusing on...the ceremony music (super hard to decide btw) and programs are on my mind. Once i have another meeting with Kingsmill, the reception will be the focus again. This whole thing is just a blast. I love it. and I CANT WAIT to marry Jason. The wedding part is just the icing on the rice krispy cake.

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