Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet Steve!

This is Steve. Steve is one of the most honest, sweet and fun guys I have ever met. Jason met Steve at the marina like, 7, years ago. Steve was dating his now-wife Crystal and she was a waitress at the marina. Since then they have had a beautiful wedding, moved in right down the street and we have come accustom to grabbing some brews, playing board games and watching football with them. (Go Tribe! Steve used to play football for William and if you couldnt tell by looking at him haha!) He is our friend and our neighbor. You want a definition of a bromance? This is it. When it comes down to it, they would do anything for eachother. It is awesome to have Steve and Crystal in our lives and it was a hands down decision once Jason realized he wanted Steve to stand up next to him on our wedding day.

(This picture is seriously one of my favorite pics. I laugh every time I come across it. "Balls of Fury" LOL. oh and this is where the ceremony will fun is that??)

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