Sunday, September 26, 2010


HI everyone!!!

I thought i would take over moms laptop for a few minutes because she always leaves it lying around and i have to let you guys know whats going on in MY life too! 

im spending today with dad while mom is working at the gym. this is our man time. we are fixing things around the house and i LOVE when dad does that because i help! i love helping around the house. maybe when mom vacuums later i can help even MORE!!

other than that, things have been kinda crazy around the house with mom and dad trying to get our new house built. i CANT WAIT!! the yard is so big and there are so many STICKS! every time we go over there, i get to run around and be off my leash and get DIRTY and roll in the leaves! its just awesome. 

i should go! i will try and keep stopping in with updates on whats going on with me too!



Anonymous said...

Hi Mousse,

We just got back from camping in Wisconsin. A lot of chipmunks and other little furry critters I could chase. It was SOOOO fun. We also went for long walks where we ran into some scary old people! At night, I got to sleep with Mom in the only bed (that was good cuz it was cold!).

You know, water and dog food tastes much better outside (with a little sand and pine needles thrown in).

Well, I just thought I would drop in and say HI!. I guess I am kinda' you old are you, BTW?

Metea (Aunt Lee is my human!)

Amanda Pearl said...

Hi Matea!

Im SO jealous you got to go camping in Wisconsin!! You are right about everything tasting better outside! Sand sure is tasty :) Im so happy you stopped by to say hi! Keep checking in! I love making new friedns!

ps - I am going to be 3 years old in December!