Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedding blah blah! :)

Its set! Ready to GO!! May 15th is going to be when I try on my dress. I say dress singular bc I only have one in mind. Thats it. Even if it looks horrible Im wearing it bc its so beautiful. I just cant wait. It is gonna be a total girls day out. My mom, Jasons mom Peggy, sisters Sarah, Shelly and Gwen, my Aunt Carla, and MY NIECE CLAIRE are coming!! SHELLY AND CLAIRE ARE FLYING IN FROM MICHIGAN FOR THE FITTING!!! Im beside myself. It will be such an awesome weekend.

I admit I feel i need to pinch myself sometimes. Since we got engaged everything with the wedding seems to come out better than I expected.We are very lucky to have such amazing people around us.  I know that without them, none of this would have been possible. I kinda wanted to elope to be honest but I would not trade in any of it now. Planning a wedding so far has just been amazing. Not because of the stuff we are looking at or what kinda food we are picking out, its the family. Thats all it boils down to. My mom is fitting right into her Mother of the Bride role, being supportive and giving her advice at the right times. I think Im going to make up a role of Aunt of Honor bc my Aunt Carla is being so great and I want her to be a part of it all with everything! My sisters are just being as amazing as they always are. Shelly being so far away can be hard but we make a pretty good effort of staying in touch with the plans :) My cousin Sam just got engaged and she still manages to get excited about our wedding...i know its hard when she is SO excited about hers. I cant wait till she starts her planning...she always has SUCH cute ideas. What I love the most???????????? The wedding is still a year away and bc of all of these ladies, the plans are just falling in place. We can just sit back and enjoy all of the fun of planning a wedding!

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