Sunday, April 11, 2010


Jason and I got back from Arizona today and looking back on the trip, it was just great. We got to spend some quality time with his Uncle David and cousins Ryan and Daniel doing everything from playing basketball in the neighborhood everyday to seeing the one and only Grand Canyon. I loved every second and spending time with the boys is always a good thing. The trip was short but awesome. I took TONS of pics but had to put the good ones up :)

Everyday when we picked Daniel up from school he wanted to go play basketball. Of course we went and played HORSE until we had to go home. It was a blast. Daniel is pretty awesome for his age, Jason of course held his own and...well...Ryan and I? It kept us laughing.

On Thursday Uncle David, Jason and I went out to eat at this place called "The Greasewood Flat". TRUST ME. If you are ever in AZ near Scottsdale....go there. It was an outdoor restaurant that was dusty and rustic and oh so cool. You walk in and there are picnic tables everywhere and to order food you go inside this building that reminded me of an old western movie and it has dollar bills pinned to the ceiling and walls with old pics. It was just cool. Plus we got to just chill out with Uncle David and have a few beers. Oh and the cheeseburger? Worth the trip alone. 

Yea. Doesn't look like much but it was very good. 

Saturday morning Daniel had a baseball game so we were stoked to be able to see him play. This is me and Ryan hanging out :)

Uncle David, Ryan, Me, Jason and Daniel after the game. 

Daniel and Ryan LOVE cars. They took us to the high end dealerships that made my Pontiac look like a junkyard car! We even saw a car worth 1.5 million! It was crazy. My fav was this white Bentley. It would look good with me in it, huh?!?!

Last but not least.........

THE AMAZING GRAND CANYON!! Jason and I rented a car on Thursday and drove up to the Canyon and spent a few hours while the boys were in school. It was worth getting up at 4:30 a.m. Everyone tells me it will be an image you can never erase from your mind and I think that is so true. We had a great time and the weather was perfect and it wasn't crowded at all. 

All in all? A perfect vacation. Jason and I had a blast with the boys and his uncle and we got to spend some time in the sun and see some cactus :)


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