Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boat Karma

Last night, Jason and I were getting last minute things done before we left for Arizona and around 11:30 p.m. his cell rang. It was a family friend of ours calling to ask a favor from Jason. Being the amazing guy Jason is, he says "Of course! Whats up?" The guy's son was stranded on his boat out on the James River! The battery died or something. Without skipping a beat we hopped in the truck and headed down to the Marina to head on out. Even with the complete trust and confidence that I have in my husband-to-be, I was a little scared. I mean it was DARK. The spotlight on the boat was controlled by a little lever that he was moving back and forth. So I had to put my big girl panties on and be brave. We strolled along keeping a look out for channel markers and crabpots and we finally saw the guys boat. We loaded up and towed him and his buddy back. Jason calles this "Boat Karma". Given that he didnt think twice about helping a friend out, it will show this kid that one day you might have to do the same. I just think life is like that in general. Its just really cool to be able to help people out when you can. On the way back, with the boat securely in tow, I took a second and looked around. The sky was so clear and the air was warm with the perfect breeze. It was one of "those" moments. I always love those kinda moments where you just take everything around you in and remind yourself not to take anything for granted. I also realized as we were pulling into the Marina that in almost a year, we will be at our wedding SO that of course got me excited!!

Jason and I are on our way to Arizona as I type. I cant wait. i have never been to Arizona before! I am gonna miss the Mousse man though. He wont even realize we left bc he is at Jasons parents house. Run around the yard all day? Yes please!

(I also might be going to the grand canyon....but shhh. I cant get my hopes up in case it doesnt happen but if it does? The pictures will be AMAZING)


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