Thursday, June 17, 2010


If it were up to me I would talk about my nieces every day and all day because it seems they are on my mind that consistently but this i just HAD to share. When I went up to visit when Claire was born back in September I of course had to bring gifts. One of the things I brought for Kate (the oldest one of the two) was the good ole "Elefun" game!! You know...the Elephant whose trunk spits out these little butterflies and you catch em' in a net? SO FUN. When I was teaching Kate how to play with it she was a little freaked out by the huge trunk making noise and spitting out things. So to get her more excited I was yelling "WAHOO!!!" everytime the butterflies came out! She caught on quick and was yelling along with me and just having a blast. We played with that thing so much during my visit that she started actually calling the game "wahoo". It was adorable. "Aunt Amanda! Wahoo! Play Wahoo!" AH it kills me. So fast forward to last night when my bro-in-law Jamie sent me these...
Kate looking at the "wahoo!" (Shelly in the background)
She puts the net on her head haha!
Claire-bear!! She was in on the fun too!

Jamie told me that Kate still calls it "Wahoo!" HAHAHAHA. He said she ran down the hall yelling "Wahoo!" and brought the toy back. They are just so precious I love em' to pieces.

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