Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet Sam

This is my wonderful cousin Sam! Being cousins, we were always together during the holidays and other fun family functions but have you ever had that cousin that you...just...LOVED!? Well I will admit all of my cousins are pretty amazing..seriously I have to be super lucky to have such a cool and great family. Sam and I always had a special bond though....we always stuck together. Whether it was "swimming" in mabeccas claw-foot tub (could have used that pic by the way..haha) or camping out in an RV and trying to scare the pants off her little brothers...we always had a blast and kept smiles on our faces the whole time. When Jason and I started dating he was showing me pics on his laptop of all his friends and telling me stories. This one block of photos were of this "Pink Party" and he said his friend had a pink themed birthday party and it was a blast. He was skipping through the pics and I second glanced at one...SAM WAS IN THE PICTURE! I was like "JASON! Thats my cousin!" He said "Wait...Sam is your cousin? No way." It was such a small world...we couldn't believe that he was friends with my cousin. We still kinda laugh about that.

Making the decision for her to be a bridesmaid was pretty easy. Sam always has a smile on her face and it is infectious. I love her outlook on life and always have. I can't imagine not having her wonderful attitude and smiles and laughter not only at the wedding and during the planning this next year, but for the rest of our lives. I love you girl.

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