Friday, March 30, 2012

Can I "wine" for a minute?

Yesterday was rough. Nothing too out of the ordinary but it didn't help that I thought it was Friday alllllll day. I was just ready to be off work and come home. I had a ton of little things to do but all was derailed when I came into the house and saw this loverly scene.

Nice right? Love that dog but when you are already distracted with a million things, you can't focus when you are stepping on piles of fuzz and plastic.

J must have seriously read my mind because he walked in the door with sunflowers! This man has never brought me flowers before. He has given me rose bushes and stuff to plant in our yard (which I love!) but it was such a nice surprise. Add in the delicious tuna bites he made for dinner and I was just a happy camper. I sat at the table and poured a glass of wine and started reading my new issue of Shape magazine. Totally made the rest of the day worth it.



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