Saturday, August 14, 2010

Canada and Car Crashes

Whew. What a week. I have found it so hard to catch my breath this whole summer and this week didnt help. Im hoping that things start to slow down at least a little...i know, i know. Who am I kidding, right? The older you get, the faster time seems to go by.

Last week started off great! My family, Jason and I got back from the cruise on Monday and we all had SUCH a great time. Saint John was such a cute little town and spending more than a few hours with my family was so great. I have tons of pictures but here is a little preview...

Jason and I leaving port in NYC

Jason and I with the Statue of Liberty behind us!

Aunt Carla, my mom and I starting things off with Mimosas :)

Mabecca got serenaded again for her bday! Cant celebrate too much!

I loved the towel animals.

Once we got off the ship, there was a Moose to take photos with haha!

Us at bingo! (I won the first jackpot of the day!)

We ran into some character pirates in Saint John and we sat down and had a few beers with them. They were a riot!!!

"Come on over wench and take a photo...arggg!!"

Dad was right at home with these guys. He had to try on the clothes and all. I laughed so hard.

Dad and I once they opened their treasure chest.....


Saint John was so beautiful....this was when we were leaving.

It was such a great time. It was over too soon. This was Jason and mines last vacation for awhile and it was such a blast. 

SO that was the good part of the week. We got back on Monday and I had Tuesday off to unpack, do laundry and,well, be lazy with my dog because I missed the Mousse-Man!! Wednesday was back at work for me! It started off great and things weren't too backed up so it was a pretty decent morning. Since I live about 10 minutes away from work, I go home for lunch everyday. WELL I was on my way back to work from lunch and this guy slammed on his breaks two cars ahead of me, and the car behind him had to slam on his breaks and pull off to the side to avoid hitting the truck. Well when I saw him slam on his breaks, I had to slam on mine and I wasnt as lucky avoiding him. It was either go into oncoming traffic, or hit him. So i tried to avoid but i ended up slamming into the back right corner of his car. Both of us were ok but the guy that caused it all just went on his way...didnt even stop! I couldnt believe it. We both got our cars out of the road and i went to open my door to get out didnt open. Not a good sign. I climbed over the console to get out on the other side and took a look at the damage. Yep, definitely not good. My car just crumpled. The only good news was that the other guys car just had minor damage to his bumper...he could still drive it. Me? Not so lucky. 

If you can believe that it actually looks better in the picture with everything taken apart than it did when the accident happened...well it does. My poor car. So now Im dealing with all this. At least we both werent hurt so that was a good thing. 


So now here i am on Saturday, writing this blog and watching the Flinstones. Jason and Mousse are outside working on our jungle (we have SO many plants in our backyard...) and we are just gonna piddle around the house today. I should get motivated and clean....Ill go work on that :)



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