Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Brandon (aka GRECCO!)

Grecco and Jason have been friends for over 13 years. They grew up in the same neighborhood and played golf together. (Grecco is the one that told me how amazing Jason was at golf when he was younger...then his parents followed up with more stories....crazy man never even told me!) ANYWAY! They have been like brothers for years. Grecco is super close with Jason's entire family so I knew he was kind of a big deal :) 

Grecco is a Golf Pro and until recently has been moving back and forth. He now resides down the hall from me and Jason. Being our roommate, he gets he special privilege of being with us all the time :) He moved back to Williamsburg in May from being gone about a year. What is cool is he works at Fords Colony (my day job) down at the Country Club! 

Grecco is pretty much family to us. It wouldn't be me and Jason's wedding without him there to share it with us...and to toast the first Bud Light <3


xoxo Pearl

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JMay said...

omg those pics of them are so funny, boys will be boys :-)