Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meet some of the boys...

So Jason has 12 best men. 12. I think it is pretty amazing to have that many people you love and care about  and who care about you up next to you on the happiest day of your life. I'm a little jealous but you didn't hear me say that :) Some of the guys go back to high school and college and the others...well are just awesome. I love all of em' and are so excited to have met them through Jason. I would never admit this to Jason but out of all the things I have learned from him, its the value of friendship that he has proved still exists. So when choosing those who would stand up next to me and him, we decided on the guys and gals that we knew would be a part of our lives for a very very long time. So without further adieu, I am gonna introduce some of the coolest guys ever....(Keep in mind...these are guys. So to get a bulk of them in one pretty cool. I jumped at the chance to use it)

Left to right: Kevin, Rob, Chuck, James, Dan and...well...this guy isn't important...ha ha (Jason in case you didn't recognize him)

Rob and James went to High School w/ Jason and i guess their bromance wasn't over so they all ventured to UVA and met the rest of this motley crue.

You think these guys are handsome? Well there are more to come. Keep in mind this is only 5 out of the 12.

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