Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meet Gwen

This is Gwen. Jasons sister and one of my Maid of Honors. Im laughing as I post this bc I have some fun pictures of Gwen and couldnt decide on a good one. This one has always been my favorite. The bud light cowboy hat makes it what it is. However the following will always be a fav of mine...

We were out at dinner down in Cape Hatteras during one of the many fishing weekends. (Translation? We had been drinking on the boat all day) I was talking about how if you eat a packet of Sweet n Low that it is the best thing good. (I was trying to get her to try it bc she never had. If you have done this before then you understand this is just cruel of me to trick her but it was worth it.) So I had to capture it on camera obviously....

"Hmm. Not so bad Amanda."

"Oh...wait....thats a little different..."

"OH MAN! BAD! NOT GOOD! Where is my beer....geez!!"

"You suck Amanda! The taste just STAYS there!"

Oh man. I laugh everytime. At her expense of course :)

In all seriousness, I consider Gwen a sister and a best friend. Jasons' family is super close so her and Jason are as close as can be so that means we had some tough times when we first met. Like you-have-no-idea-tough. I wouldnt change a thing though because of us putting eachother to the test the way we did transformed a relationship I wouldnt trade for the world. I not only love her but I trust her and that is huge. She isnt scared to talk to me about anything or tell me she hates my hairstyle. (Thats happened on more than one occasion haha) So I love that. For that I consider her my sister and I knew I wanted my sisters to be my matron/maids of honor. 

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Aptly named: Gwennie-the-Pooh said...

it's a good thing i'm in the office all by myself right now cuz i cried a little... :) :)

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 "no-idea-how-tough times" hahahaha amen sister