Thursday, February 25, 2010

~Copper is a girls best friend~

The story of our proposal? Hmm. Well you would think that knowing Jason and myself, it might have happened impulsively and somewhat quirky but on the contrary it was romantic and absolutely perfect. (Que Jason walking away and shaking his head at me. He thinks he is incapable of being romantic but after this story, i know you will at least agree with me that he can be in his own way)

It was Thursday February, 4th. Jason had been trying to organize a "date night" for the past few weeks but it never worked out. That night we said it was happening no matter what. I got home from work and he told me to bundle up so I naturally assumed we would be outside. We packed up what he had prepared and our dog Mousse and got on our way! We ended up at the land we bought several months prior, the land our house will be built on, and we immediatly unloaded the truck bc we were losing daylight. He built a firepit and I started on the fire, both of us cracking a Bud Light. Mousse, of course, was running around just as happy as can be. I got the fire going finally and we sat back and relaxed while our steaks were cooking. I had no clue what tonight was about, I just thought it was the best date night ever! We were finally on our land, enjoying a great fire, smelling steaks cooking and throwing the first of 50 sticks to our puppy. We ate the amazing dinner and was just talking about where our house was gonna be built and several other things. Jason got up to grab the grate from the firepit to set it the snow to cool. I turned to grab a stick for Mousse (or something i cant really remember) and I turned and realized Jason was kneeling beside my chair. Of course I knew right away what was happening :) I wont share what he said because that will stay with me but basically it was "whaddya think? will you marry me?" Of course if said "YES! Hell yes I will marry you!" Now the best part of our proposal was the ring. I guarantee it is nothing you have ever seen before. My engagement ring, ladies and gentlemen, was handmade by Jason himself. He had taken a copper pipe from our house and made it into the most thoughtful and gorgeous gift i have ever gotten. What made it even more special is that my Dad did the same thing for my Mom with a pipe from their cabin they built together. If that falls into any pattern of the type of marriage we will have, then I am a very lucky girl.

Our makeshift firepit! Who needs to buy one when you have cinder blocks and a grate from our grill!?

Mousse had such a great time! Woods=bounty of sticks.

I had to bribe Mousse SO much to sit still....there was too many sticks to chew!(I love the rabbit bomber hat baby)

My gorgeous ring <3

All in all, it was amazing. I wouldnt have changed a thing. We even had Mousse there to share it with us, which always makes us happy. We even gave him a piece of steak. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh you made me tear up!! I'm so happy for you guys <3

Anonymous said...

I cried.....again! :):)

p.s. i can see jason's face in the beginning walking away. I've seen it many times before! haha!

Anonymous said...

....tear....What a great story to tell for ALWAYS


Anonymous said...


Love you guys,